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Why Choose Our Firm?

Presently, we are limiting our representation of new clients to large corporate entities.

To Fellow Lawyers

Our firm serves as a resource to other lawyers and law firms that do not have intellectual property expertise or, in particular, patent prosecution capability. On referral, we can represent your clients on intellectual property matters and will preserve your client relationship for all other matters. Not only is it against our character to try to steal referred clients, but also we couldn’t take their other work if we wanted to, due to our specialization.

To the Business Community

Specialization. Many lawyers claim expertise in intellectual property matters. Many of these lawyers primarily practice in other areas and hope to develop an intellectual property practice because they perceive it to be a hot area. We are among the few lawyers in Richmond who practice intellectual property law all day and every day. We won’t be learning on the job when representing your company.

Responsiveness. We take pride in our responsiveness. We try to turn around work as quickly as possible – in a day or two, not in weeks. Our lawyers answer their own phones and try to return calls immediately. We watch our email, even when away from the office, and respond quickly. We are happy to have our clients visit our offices, but we prefer to go to theirs, where they have the materials and people needed to get a matter moving quickly.

Simplicity. We don’t nickel-and-dime our clients with cost add-ons. We don’t add on charges for in-house copying, faxes, domestic long distance charges or online legal resources with which we have flat fees.

Technology. We use technology extensively to heighten responsiveness and resourcefulness. We have extensive electronic legal resources and mobile access to our email. We look for ways to use new technology to better serve our clients.
Our firm is a new breed of Richmond law firm.

We practice law at the highest level. We perform top-quality work for our clients. We decline to take on matters unless the client wants the work done well. While we don’t gold-plate our work, we take quality seriously.

We use technology extensively. We intend to stay at the forefront of law office technology in order to be more accessible and responsive to our clients. Plus, cool technology makes work more fun.

We insist on and enjoy providing strong client service. We strive to be the most accessible and responsive lawyers around.

We have a fun, business-casual atmosphere. We share firm information freely among ourselves. We market collectively and spread our work around to balance our loads. We earn a good compensation for our work but value and preserve our time with family and friends. We take time to enjoy activities outside the law that make us more satisfied, interesting people. We treat each other with respect and as teammates. We pitch in to help each other. We give to our community.